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Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde Resin

Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde Resin
Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde Resin
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Product Code : 01
Product Description

Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde Resin

Polytone K 94/95/96/97/HH


  • Polyketone
  • Ketone Cyclo Aliphatic
  • Aldehyde Resin


  • Cyclohexanone Aldehyde
  • Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde
  • Ketone Formaldehye
  • Ketone Aldehyde condensation

POLYTONE K 94/95/96/97/HH Resins are neutral, unsaponifiable, cyclohexanone aldehyde resins of exceptional lightness in color and lightfastness. Its is a condensation product of cyclohexanone and formaldehyde to give a solid product, which includes carbonyl and hydroxyl groups Its wide compatibility and good solubility cause it to be used in most diverse coating systems to enhance drying properties, harness, gloss and adhesion as well as solid content. It displays good pigment- wetting properties, and increases yield of coating systems. It is suitable for all types of industries, including nitrocellulose paints where it improves polishing characteristic and adhesion. In printing inks, it enhances adhesion, imparts gloss, improves drying properties, and increases solids content, where it is used in maleic resins, alkyd resins, nitro cellulose, and polyvinyl butyral. 


  • Inks & Paints: Flexographic & gravure ink formulations, lamination inks, lacquers and paper inks, nitrocellulose paints, varnishes, heat seal coatings,.
  • Coatings : Heat-Seal Coatings, primer and base coatings, gasoline resistant coatings & nail lacquers, Vinyl Sealers, Vinyl Coatings, It can be called as excellent multifunctional coating additive.
  • Ketonic resin is useful in the manufacture of PVC lacquers and finishes for the surface treatment of wooden furniture and articles
  • This resin finds its major use in ball pen inks and calendar inks
  • It can also used in isocyanate based adhesive systems, PU Systems as well as radiation cured adhesives and in water clear systems

Low Visc.

PolytoneTM K 93


PolytoneTM K 94
PolytoneTM K 95

High Melting

PolytoneTM K 96
PolytoneTM K 97

High hydroxyl

PolytoneTM K 96 HH
PolytoneTM K 97 HH

Aromatic- Aliphatic

PolytoneTM K 88